Labour Market Information System

Welcome to Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada (MCPCC) Labour Market survey!

This comprehensive data tool was developed with representatives from all five sub-sectors of Canada’s bus industry. This survey accurately reflects three years of research, interviews and focus groups.

The information that will be collected will not only be useful for employers, job seekers and governments but will fill the void left when the Statistics Canada Surface and Marine Transportation Bulletin was discontinued.

The survey captures information in 5 areas: General Company Information, Financial, Employment, Compensation and Benefits and Workforce Planning. All information is confidential.

Your input into this process continues to be the driving force behind its success, and we appreciate your attention to this phase.

The next step: MCPCC will carefully review the information you provide, and produce comprehensive detailed analyses and year over year comparative profiles through our new web environment.

Thank you for providing this valuable labour market intelligence of the Canadian Bus Industry!

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